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In a market full of dominate big brands, many ecommerce website owners are getting trouble to highlight their business on Google’s top slots.

So, here’s I am sharing a quick story of a client how has managed to get the hike on revenue by 46% after an SEO audit done by a well-known software development company.

The client has a well-known clothing store in the UK. They specialize in offering trousers or skinny jeans, leggings, blazers, t-shirts, footwear, sportswear, and such as other quality products at discounted prices.

Here is the list of challenges that the client was facing.

Challenges -


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In today’s age it has become essential for every business, no matter what it is, to have a user-friendly website. However, for many companies, setting up and maintaining a website is beyond their capabilities.

They simply don’t have the know-how or the in-house resources to effectively create and run a website. In such cases, the best solution is to hire a professional website development company.

Hire the best web development company in the present scenario. i.e “Galaxy Weblinks Inc.”

The following are five reasons why you should invest in a web development company:

1. They will keep your site optimized for SEO

Good web development companies are extremely familiar…

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What the expense of building up a mobile application is quite possibly the most widely recognized inquiries we get from customers before they even mention to us what they need to do.

The answer is somewhere between zero to $40M. The zero cost option comes from using online app tools such as AppMakr and the $40M could relate to an extremely hyped startup idea.

For the purpose of answering the question now, I will focus on custom apps of high complexity such as retail apps from Ikea, Walmart or Best Buy.

This will highlight the increasing challenges of mobile app…

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Searching for top Magento improvement organizations?

Here is a rundown of top Magento companies offering proficient Magento development services.

Undertaking eCommerce site development with Magento is significantly responsive, which makes the website page recognizable on various contraptions with no issue.

1. Galaxy Weblinks Inc.

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Shopify is tied in with acquiring loads of benefits. You get a ton while contributing a little on it. It requires right around zero upkeep as all the plugins given by Shopify itself. They also get refreshed consequently.

Also, there are a lot of different advantages of Shopify, here are some of them -

  • Quick Accessto Store
  • Fully Customized Homepage
  • Smooth Checkout & Safe Payment
  • Complete Personalization
  • Enhanced Product Experience
  • Easy Third Party Integration
  • Minimal Maintenance Cost
  • Free SSL Certificate

If you are looking for some best Shopify Development Companies In 2021, then I have prepared a list for you…

WebRTC (where RTC represents Real-Time Communications) is an innovation that empowers audio/video web based and information dividing among browsers.

A WebRTC-empowered browser permits clients to put a call, partake in multi-party video and audio conferencing, and participate in screen sharing cooperation.

RTCWeb a custom WebRTC development company was established with a dream of employing communication technologies to construct another flood of solutions with an engaging personalized experience.

They work to create dependable and strong RTC applications for both versatile and the web across a few industry verticals.

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Services offered by — Custom WebRTC App Development Solution

User Interface Design

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Are you searching for a light, versatile, and cross-stage approach to execute code in the JavaScript runtime atmosphere?

If true, then you ended at the right place! Nothing can beat an ongoing application, IoT applications, and microservices worked with Node JS development technology.

Obviously, each programming language is of a sort and some way or another it ends up persuading you to pick them over others. Which is extraordinary!

The amazing thing about Node is that it grasps the forward-looking method of building up a perplexing bundle of utilizations.

All in all, what next?

Picking a trusted and reliable Node…

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Searching for the best custom software development company?

Here is the list of trusted top software development solutions that convey the full-cycle of software development services.. Today if there is one thing that your business needs to run easily and proficiently, it is modified apps and software development.

Be that as it may, not all the software development firms are fit for conveying profoundly proficient software and programming items.

In light of this and a few other vital boundaries, I have researched and arranged the rundown of best custom software development companies. …

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Website Development

Single Page Applications(SPAs) are all around us. Industry leaders like Google, Trello, Facebook, Gmail, Github, vouch for it.

Their structure is considered the best for seamless user experience and resonates well with the native app-like experience on browsers. However, there are many more reasons that have made SPAs so popular in the developers’ community. Read on to find out more.

Advantages of choosing SPA

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When we talk of Next JS, server- side rendering is the first thing that comes to our mind. On the other hand, Electron JS provides a pure Javascript experience for desktop applications using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. This comparative piece will help you understand the offerings of both frameworks.

So let’s get started.

Learning curve

Next JS

Developers familiar with the React framework will have no difficulty in using Next JS. Your application will be up and running the moment you install all the packages, making the learning process simple. …

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